Technology Caused Coconuts’s Prices Slumped

Senin, 05 Januari 2015 13:21
Technology Caused Coconuts’s Prices Slumped

BERTUAHPOS.COM, PEKANBARU – The observer of Economic Industry of UIR, Azharuddin M Amin said that the cause of the coconuts prices plummeted because there are no technological developments. The main factor was never repaired and tends to be left. Meanwhile, the coconut farmers can not do much to solve this problem.

“In contrast to the existing of palm oil which always innovate their technological development,” he said. In fact, the demand of global market for coconut oil is much better than palm oil production.


“Give more attenttion to the coconut oil, the innovations to produce new technologies in the development of the coconut are very rare. This is the main factor why the commodity of coconut oil prices continues to decline. So do not be surprised if there was a continuous decline in prices,” he added.

If the government does not immediately take appropriate policies to solve this problem, he believes that next few years, the coconut plantation will be abandoned by society. “Downstream is the only of small fraction factor how coconuts prices slumped,” he said. (melba)

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