Quiz is Announced every dated 3

Rabu, 31 Desember 2014 16:43

BERTUAHPOS.COM, PEKANBARU – To make the faithful readers and participants quiz of BertuahPos.com can monitor the results of the quiz easily, the committee set that the winner of the quiz will be announce every dated 3.

“Yes, we will announce the winner of the quiz every 3rd of each month at 15:00 or 3 pm. It also suggestions from readers and participants of the quiz, so do not need to ask again who is the winner or the lucky participants of the quiz. On June 3 at 3 pm we will announce the result through the press that published.” Said Managing Projects Dian Istiandari.


She was explained that through the announcement that was scheduled, the participants will know easily who is the lucky ones. While related to the lucky participants, BertuahPos ensure that the results were fair or unfair. Because, when the many answer are correct it will be drawing the winner of the quiz so the luck is crucial.

In order for a greater opportunity, further Dian, it is highly recommended to bring parent, families, or friends to get involved in the quiz. “The more you participate, the greater the chances. It also suggested that you ask your friends because the prize can be shared. It was a very pleasant because shopping vouchers can be used through Alfamart all over the Indonesia

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Mentioned about the existence of the quiz participants from outside of Riau, Dian explained participant is not limited. Because the reader BertuahPos.com not only in Riau but also all over Indonesia and even overseas. It’s just that the most readers are from Riau. “So do not worry, the chances are still great. In fact, there are two the winners yesterday and one of them from Jakarta,” said Dian.

As reported earlier, this program is fully supported by Alfamart and quizzes for this December, Mention the jargon of Alfamart and send the answer to bertuahpos@gmail.com? (Mj)