Pelalawan Ready to Develop Tourism in Bono

Rabu, 07 Januari 2015 14:06
BERTUAHPOS, PEKANBARU – Bono, a tourist attraction in the Pelalawan district, becoming known by the people around the world. It can be seen from the number of the addict of surfers in Bono.
Related to this case, the head of Pelalawan district, HM Harris said that they already built the supporting media to develop Bono as a Tourist attraction.
“We are aware that Bono is already known by the people around the world,” he explained.
He said that Bono in Kampar river is a natural phenomena  that has occurred since a few hundred years ago. This is a grace for Pelalawan in order to develop its tourism.
Meanwhile, the secretary of the department of culture and tourism in Riau, Abdul Hamid said that the optimization potential of Bono will give a positive value to introduce province of Riau in national and international.

Because of that he will support Bono in the project of the  masterplan of tourism development. With this project, the tourism development of Bono will more comprehensive, integrated and sustainable.(Vany)